Holi Festival Images and Pictures

Holi Festival Images and Pictures

Holi Festival Images and Pictures

Holi is accepted because the competition colors within which individuals sprinkle or apply colors on one another. it’s celebrated by Hindus within the month of Phalgun, usually on February or March. the favored legend related to this competition is that on at the present time Holika was burnt and Bakht Prahlada was saved. The Holi in Braj Bhoomi is incredibly illustrious because it memorizes United States of America the bonding of affection between Lord avatar and Radha. Holi is thought by varied names of Basant Utsav, Dol Purnima, Shimgo, Dulandi Holi, Phagu Purnima, Lathmaar Holi, Hola Mohalla, Rangpanchami and Kaman Pandigai in numerous components of Asian nation.

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The Best part of Holi is Dancing and Pure Masti… All the Youngsters and Elders were  enjoying holi with their loved ones. This time Holi festival held in jamnagar and photobooth was being setup by Album Design Studio (ADS) in Jamnagar.

The Grand Bhagwati (TGB) is well known hotel and have biggest party lawn in jamnagar.

Rang De is the initiative by Parag Vora and whole event was being organize by parag vora and my good friend Janam Anand.

We provide Photography and Photobooth Services particular such as for Event or Birthday Party, Anniversary Function, Prewedding, Corporate Event etc. We Fill the color in pictures.

Holi is the Festival of Joy and Its being celebrated by All the people among india.