Canvera Photo Books and Albums

Canvera Photo Books and Albums

Canvera Photo Books and Albums

With wedding season occurring fully swing in Bharat and with such a big amount of requests for wedding albums and low table books, we have a tendency to set to finally embrace these in our list of offerings.

The decision to supply albums and coming up with services was straightforward however the important drawback arose once we started out to look for partners. As massive a rustic Bharat is, larger area unit the companies and thence the choices.
A google ad was all that was required to flood our mailboxes with offers from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari. folks were providing all types of foreign and typically in house product. Designers too weren’t behind and samples from fashionable to wash to karizma unbroken flooding our inboxes.

The additional we have a tendency to looked, the additional we have a tendency to got confused. Some however the standard that we have a tendency to were searching for was slip North American nation altogether of these styles and albums. Brilliance was remote until we have a tendency to chanced on Canvera…

Mr. Prakash Rai visited North American nation with the whole catalogue and a few samples and also the feeling we have a tendency to had will solely be delineate with these three words- Buckeye State MY GOD!

A couple of visits later we have a tendency to were wholly happy with what Canvera had to supply. Taking of these to our web site was consequent step from there. Mr. Santharam from Canvera was an enormous facilitate as he helped North American nation with all the photographs so our customers will see the offerings on-line and take a much better call.

We area unit posting all the offerings below, take a glance and do allow us to grasp if something interests you.

Canvera Photo Books and Albums

Our Album or Photobook Variety

  • Flush mount photo books– Luster Paper of 300 GSM, which contain rich colors and long life and hand crafted booksflush-mount

These come with numerous cover choices like the essential one with a tough cover or with leather covers thatonce more ar of various varieties like luxury, eco leather, signature or gala. to relinquish you a thought, we have a tendency to ar posting all the cover varieties below


  • Except the essential hard cover flush mount photo book and also the Gala photo book which might have tailored image and text on the cover, rest all will solely have text embossing on their cover.
  • Premium photo books– these ar on the market with a spread of customization cover choices and paper choices starting from one hundred seventy five gsm to 225 gsm. the varied cover choices explained on top of for flush mount photo books are on the market for premium photo books additionally.


Softcover photo books- on the market in smaller sizes, these have all {the cover|the duvet|the quilt} customization just like the premium and flush mount photo books however accompany soft cover.


All the on top of photo books are available in jute bags and a few of them even have dust jacket covers which might be upgraded to bronze dust jacket covers. you’ll be able to opt for the sort of box for your album from the choices given below


We ar certain that you just should be overpowered seeing the photo books on top of and so ar we have a tendency to. Well, to order any of those you’ll be able to merely dial 09725722565 or click here.

Canvera Photo Books and Albums

( All the photographs used on this page are taken from brochures provided by Canvera and their copyright restsonly with Canvera )

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