10 ways to respect photographers

10 ways to respect photographers

10 ways to respect photographers

Respect Your Photographer it might be your friend

Understand the process and what you are paying for

Think of paying for photography like paying a professional baker to make you a cake.
You wouldn’t tell the baker ” you’ll just take the batter and bake it yourself since you have an oven at home and have made a cake before” and you ESPECIALLY wouldn’t ask for a discount for doing so.


Don’t more photos then were delivered

Really, just don’t.
Photographers don’t gain anything by keeping wonderful photos from you. If they weren’t included, there is a reason. Also, you probably paid for a set amount of pictures and asking for more than that is, well, rude.
Sticking with the cake analogy, asking for pictures that weren’t in the final delivery is as useless as asking for the eggshells.


Don’t expect free photography

Unless it’s offered, just don’t even consider asking. It puts people in an uncomfortable situation.
You wouldn’t expect free services or products from any other professional, so why would you expect it from a photographer. Even if you think it’s “just digitalis” your photographers time is food on their family’s table. A session doesn’t end when you are done taking pictures. Countless hours go in to the finished product.


10 ways to respect photographers

Do not ever crop out a watermark

This is one of the easiest ways to ensure your photographer never wants to work with you again. Cropping a photo in any way destroys the composition that the photographer chose carefully and with purpose. Photographers are artists. Their photographs are their art. Would you spend hundreds of dollars on a painting and use scissors to cut off the artists signature? You are taking away their credit. if you pay for non watermarked files for print, do not disrespect the artist by posting them online.


Do not edit the pictures you receive

By applying some filter, or desalinating everything but your kids eyes, you have destroyed the artists finished piece. if anyone else sees that filtered picture, they aren’t seeing work that represents the artists vision. If you don’t like the style they use to edit pictures, find a different photographer. It is insulting to change an artists work.


Don’t hire your friend for any reason other than absolutely loving their work

But especially don’t hire them just because you expect a discount. If you don’t like their style or their editing, please don’t hire them to save a few bucks.


Unless they offer, don’t ask them to do types of photography they don’t do

Not all photography is the same. Chances are, if you ask a newborn photographer to shoot products for your website, or a pet photographer to shoot your corporate event, neither of you will be happy with the results.


Give them proper credit on social media

You didn’t take the photo yourself. Tag the person that did. It’s really that simple. Professional photographers have pages, and it only take a second to tag them. Word of mouth is a photographers livelihood.


Don’t invite them places with the intention of them taking photos

Believe it or not. Photography is hard work. your photographer doesn’t get to enjoy your event when you hire them to cover it. It really hurts a persons feelings to think they’ve been invited to relax as a guest, only to find the host disappointed they didn’t come ready to work for free.


Know that the camera doesn’t make the image

Saying things like “No wonder your picture are so great! If had a camera that nice…. ” isn’t a compliment to their camera. It’s an insult to the years of education, practice, sweat, blood, and tears your photographer has dedicated to learning their trade. Saying the camera is the reason the photos look so nice is like telling a painter if you had more expensive paint you could be as good as them.

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When you pay for photography you are paying for the final images, much like the final cake. It’s the finished product that makes it the artists work.


This means:

You should NEVER ever under any circumstances ask for unedited of RAW files
You should NEVER say thing like “My husband edits photos all the time, can we have a discount if we edit them ourselves?”

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